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SolarBeam (Pty) Ltd has been operating in Africa for more than 40years.


Est. 1978

For almost 40 years SolarBeam has serviced 9000 clients


We cover all 9 provinces


SolarBeam has 100 qualified employees


We are a BBBEE Level 2 company

Warranty Period

A warranty period for 10 years on the Collector and 5 years on the Tank


Assessment within 24hours


Superior Solar Water Heating Systems. Expect a call from our highly trained consultants!

This is the most affordable High Pressure solution.  The existing geyser is used as the storage tank, and water is circulated through a Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Collector during the day.

The circulation is managed by the Geyserwise Max control system, which measures the difference in temperature between geyser and collector, and only circulates when the collector is 7 degrees hotter.  The Geyserwise Max also manages the element to make sure it is used only when absolutely necessary.

The pump is 12V DC pump, powered from a battery which is charged by a Solar Panel to ensure the system works independent of Eskom. A geyser blanket is provided to improve heat retention, but the efficiency can still not be compared to a Solar Geyser’s heat retention.





Solarbeam Commercial Solar Water Heating Systems.

The systems are designed for Hotels, Hostels, Old Age Facilities, Student Accommodation etc….

Our Engineers have developed a unique technology for the student accommodation industry.

Where hot water is only available as per the Customer’s requirement.

This feature allows Controlling Bodies to limit abuse of the hot water system, thus increasing the savings and enhancing the efficiency of the SWH system.


Student Accommodation

All Property inspections and assessments are conducted by Solarbeam personnel under strict and secure controls.

Solarbeam assessors are well qualified to assess your hot water needs and advise on the most economical & efficient solution for your home, ensuring value for your money and maximum savings



Our team of highly experienced engineers and electricians normally take a day to install a solar geyser in a domestic home.

All our systems carry a warranty period of 10 years on the Collector and 5 years on the Tank. So you can get support from our team on all communication platforms offered by SolarBeam. 


We are number one

We are South Africa’s number one Solar Heating Company, with more than 40 years’ experience in Solar Water Heating Technology

Some of our clients


About SolarBeam

Solar Beam is the longest operating solar company in Africa. We are a BBBEE Level 2 Company and have achieved the SABS mark of approval. The 100% locally manufactured solar water heating systems that range from 100litre low pressure units for mass housing rollouts, through to 200 and 300 litre residential units and large commercial and industrial systems of any size.

Our experts will assess every individual project and advise you on the most efficient and cost effective solution for you, ensuring that the system achieves the maximum benefit from the Sun.


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Give us a call for support as our products are warrantied for 10 years on the Collector and 5 years on the Tank.
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