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 We have the capacity, expertise and experience to handle


We have developed a state of the art 100L low pressure SWH system for the affordable or RDP housing that falls under the Social up-liftment programme administrated by the Department of Energy.


Water Heaters to the Hotel and Entertainment Industry  around the Country. Our experts will assess and advise on the needs  and requirements , ensuring little or no inconvenience to your customers. The Ring Main System is designed to supply instant Hot Water no matter how high your building is, the circulation and pressure of Hot water remains constant.

Old age homes

At SolarBeam we have installed large scale Solar Water Heater systems at many a Old Age Home, here we concentrate mainly on the savings for elderly, ensuring that the money goes a longer way to ensure financial sustainability through their last stages in life.


SolarBeam has completed a  30 000L Solar Water Heating system at Toyota’s Prospecton Plant about 10 years ago. The facility was placed in the Body-shop area and is still in operation, thus saving Toyota a huge amount of money just by harnessing the rays of the African Sun and using it


SolarBeam caring for the sick and the injured assures the Health Care centres that majority of the Hot Water requirements is produced from the Sun, thus enabling the facilities to concentrate on the other critical areas that requires priority financially. The 40% saved on the Electricity Bill can be used for financing other equipment or medication.

Social responsibility

As part of our Social responsibility program, we continue to roll out Solar Water Heating Systems to remote areas where there is no electricity