Daily News 30 Jun 2009

Solar Beam designed, manufactured and installed a 120 000-litre solar water heating system at Garden Grove Retirement Home in Durban, which has reported a reduction of almost 50% in its water heating bills.

ELECTRICITY and Eskom are once again hot topics of conversation among South African consumers. Last year this time, power blackouts were the major issue – and now temperatures are rising once again with Eskom’s recent announcement of a 31% tariff increase.

Here are just some of the warning headlines to greet Independent Newspapers readers in the last few months:

“30% power tariff hike for consumers” – Independent on Saturday, May 30

“Power tariff hike shocker. Durban faces steep electricity increases” – Daily News, May 14

“Electricity hike burden for the rich. Poor to be cushioned: Eskom” – Daily News, June 18

“There’s no greater shock than the one you get each month when opening your electricity bill!” says Graham Mundy, managing director of Solar Beam. “And with the electrical tariff increases from Eskom set to continue into the future, it makes good sense to let solar energy heat your water.”

Durban retirement home, Garden Grove, is the latest large institution to use Solar Beam to reduce its monthly water heating bills.

“Already we have nearly halved our water heating bills – and that’s on readings that were originally taken in summer. It is now midwinter!” says Irene Kotze, managing agent of Garden Grove. Solar Beam designed, manufactured and recently installed the 120 000-litre solar water heating system at Garden Grove.

In any domestic or commercial residence, heating water is a substantial monthly expense.

Solar energy has been successfully utilised to dramatically reduce these costs for many years. Solar Beam is one of the oldest solar water heating companies in the country, and is the only solar water heating manufacturer in KwaZulu-Natal to have the full SABS Mark of Approval. “This is a far cry from SABS compliance, which is just a single product test report undertaken by others in the industry,” cautions Mundy. “A further major implication with non-SABS approved products is the potential negative result of any insurance claim on nonSABS products, or claims as a result of installing such products.

“When choosing a solar water heater, only consider SABS Approved mark holders. And ask to see a copy of the SABS Mark of Approval certificate. There are over 150 companies in the industry, but approximately only 18 markholders!”

If Solar Beam can continually handle large commercial installations such as the one at Garden Grove, how much simpler would it be for the company to install a system in your home?

For further information and advice, contact Solar Beam on 031 563 9585.