About SolarBeam

SolarBeam is growing rapidly in the energy space, paving the way towards secure and affordable energy for all

Our production process is key to our bankability. Through precision engineering, we bring everything from raw materials to finished modules under one roof.


Mission and Vision


SolarBeam aims to be the leading local manufacturer and supplier of the most efficient and reliable Solar Products in Africa.


Our mission is to manufacture high performance Solar products in an atmosphere of Trust, Integrity and Professionalism to ensure Customer Satisfaction and creating sustainable jobs thus contributing to the Economic Development and Environmental protection in Africa.

About SolarBeam

SolarBeam is the longest operating Solar company in Africa, and we are a majority black owned company with an SABS mark of approval. The 100% locally manufactured Solar water heating systems for industrial and commercial systems through to 100 litre low pressure units, 200 and 300 litre  high pressure residential units as well as Solar Photovoltaic solutions.

All our products are designed and manufactured in house. Our experts will assess each project and advise accordingly on the most efficient and cost effective solution for you, ensuring that the system achieves the maximum benefit from the Sun.

We have been heating African families and institutions for more than 38 years. A proven track record that we are really proud of, given our experience in Africa’s harsh climatic conditions you can be certain of our world class solutions always.


Our exemplary installation teams provide the best care of your house, or facility during the installation. They are totally professional, committed and competent during and after installations.

SolarBeam’s dedicated customer service team is equipped to assist you with any query that you may have and advice that you require. We assure you of our best service at all times.

All our systems carry a warranty period of 10 years on the Collector and 10 years on the Tank.. T&C’s apply




SolarBeam is South Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Solar Water Heaters direct to the public and to Government.

We have been guaranteeing the end user a constant supply of hot water, since 1978


Solar Innovation

In line with our growth strategy, we are now investing in the latest production technology in Solar Water Heating and Solar Photovoltaic. This technology is designed to be modular, enabling efficient and faster replication in future production plants.


Proudly African Made

All our products are designed and manufactured locally in South Africa

Year Established

More that 70k Esitmated installations

Contact Us

031 563 9585

480 Chris Hani Rd, Briardene, Durban, 4051